Understanding Pain. The Master Sessions

Ruth Duncan BSc (Hons). PGCert Pain Science and Theory. Myofascial Release UK


Learn what touch is, how the sensation of touch travels to the brain and how different sensations trigger the nervous system.


Learn why and how touch is unique, what contributes to the perception of touch and why we respond differently to manual therapy.


Learn why pain is a different experience for everyone, why pain is not always a tissue issue and how pain is influenced by culture, resilience and attitudes.

I've been a practising Myofascial Release Therapist for over 20 years.

Most of my clients attend MFR treatments to eliminate their pain. When I first started practising, I focused on their pain originating from some type of physical issue, not understanding that pain was a feeling and, that feelings are multifactorial and completely unique to each individual.

I put my hand up and quite openly say, I was not taught the full story. It was my continual questioning that took me back to the anatomy books and as a result, the realisation that pain science is a must for every therapist claiming to treat any and all pain. 

There are 4 master sessions I have called Understanding Pain. 

Part 1 discusses the importance of touch, mechanosensation, interception and fascial innervation.

Part 2 discusses acute and chronic pain, myofascial pain syndrome, trigger points and referred pain.

Part 3 discusses the Pain Gate Theory, the Biopsychosocial model, the Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal Axis, the belief and cultural aspects of pain and resilience to pain. 

Part 4 discusses what happens in the absence of touch, emotional regulation and perception of touch and introduces the Polyvagal Theory.

Gain a Greater Understanding of Pain Which You Can Immediatly Integrate Into Your Existing Clinical Practice.

Each webinar is different and takes you on a journey through the important aspects of pain relating to the practice of manual and movement therapy.

Each master session is approximately 65 minutes long.

Understanding Pain Part 1

£25.00 GBP
Understanding Pain Part 2

£25.00 GBP
Understanding Pain Part 3

£25.00 GBP
Understanding Pain Part 4

£25.00 GBP
DEAL Understanding Pain All 4 Master Sessions

£90.00 GBP