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Myofascial Release UK

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MFR UK is a leading training provider specialising in the integration of myofascial release into existing practice

Your MFR training starts here

With over two decades of experience, MFR UK provides in-person workshops, blended learning programmes and online courses for professional therapists.

In-person MFR workshops

Grow your practice, enhance your soft-tissue skills and learn effective and easy-to-use MFR techniques at one of our in-person workshops at a venue near you.


MFR blended courses

MFR UK teaches their bespoke Advanced Clinical Diploma and Certificate in Integrated Myofascial Therapy as in-person attendance with comprehensive online content.


Learn online with MFR UK

These include MFR UK's highly informative and incredibly popular Certificate in Self-Myofascial Release, Pelvic Balancing Pro, Body Reading Pro and the Master Sessions.


Bundle MFR courses and SAVE

Grab a great deal when you buy some of our courses together. Bundling courses provides you with a greater learning potential with enhanced skills that you can immediately incorporate into your existing practice.

Advanced Diploma and Certificate in Integrated Myofascial Therapy

Gain your MFR qualification and complete MFR UK's comprehensive blended Certificate or Diploma programmes. These blended courses (both in-person and online) offer effective and easy-to-use MFR techniques, valuable evaluation, treatment progression skills and a greater understanding of fascia and fascial dysfunction.

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In-Touch Education: Train with MFR UK.

Certificate in Self-Myofascial Release

Suitable for movement and manual therapists, exercise and fitness professionals, this qualification course teaches you how to teach Self-Myofascial Release in classes and individual sessions. Delivered completely online, this course allows you to expand your scope of practice and enhance your existing skills.

Qualified Self-Myofascial Release Therapist

Start your MFR journey with Fascia Fundamentals

This is an ideal foundation workshop if you are new to MFR or, want to brush up and expand existing skills.

Fascia Fundamentals offers easy-to-use MFR techniques including scar tissue approaches, self-care and essential postural evaluation.

Fascia Fundamentals

Popular in-person MFR workshops.

Learning MFR has never been easier. Look and see which options are the best for your practice.

Fascia Fundamentals: Myofascial Release essential tools


Start here if you are new to MFR, want to dip your toe in the water to learn a few essential skills

2-days attendance

Practical hands-on techniques

Scar-tissue techniques

Essential assessment skills

Fundamental self-care skills

Workshop manual

Insurance to practice

CPD certificate

Preferential upgrade to CiMFT & AdvDiMFT

Pre-requisites apply

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Certificate in Integrated Myofascial Therapy


Start here if you are new to MFR, or have some existing MFR skills, but want comprehensive training to become an MFR Therapist gaining a qualification.

200-hour qualification programme

2 x 2-day in-person attendance workshops

Attend live workshops at any venue

Access to MFR UK online learning hub*

Work at your own pace*

Learning hub App to learn on-the-go

Lecture presentations and research

Downloadable theory documents

Over 45 practical techniques in video

Includes Pelvic Balancing Pro worth £397

Includes 1 pair of pelvic-positioning blocks worth £30

Live Zoom meetings throughout the course*

Free access to student practice clinics*

1-year free MFR Directory listing post-qualification

1-year free use of CiMFT logo post-qualification

Insurance to practice

Private member FB group

1 x 60-minute self-MFR Zoom class

Preferential upgrade to AdvDiMFT

Post-qualification eligibility to MFR Pelvic Floor workshop

*18 months duration maximum access

Payment plans available

Pre-requisites apply

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Advanced Diploma in Integrated Myofascial Therapy


Start here if you are new to MFR and want the full Diploma package to become a qualified MFR Practitioner. If you have completed the CiMFT or MFR UK's Structural Series Part 3, you can purchase this course for CPD

350-hour qualification programme* 

All of CiMFT plus the following:

1 x 2-day in-person attendance workshop

Attend the live workshop at any venue

Over 30 additional techniques

Includes Body Reading Pro worth £397

Online learning hub access*

Live Zoom meetings throughout the course*

Free access to student practice clinics*

2 x 45-minute personal mentoring sessions*

1-year free MFR Directory listing post-qualification

1-year free use of AdvDiMFT logo post-qualification

Discounts on selected MFR UK events

Insurance to practice

*18 months duration maximum access

*Purchased separately, this is a 150-hour CPD programme providing course content only.

Payment plans available

Pre-requisites apply

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Expand you MFR skills and enhance your clincial practice


You can attend Advanced MFR workshops if you have completed CiMFT, MFR UK's Structural Series Part 3 or a comprehensive full-body approach to MFR training programme.

You can attend the intermediate workshops if you have prior MFR training or have attended Fascia Fundamentals

Advanced: MFR workshop

Advanced: MFR Pelvic Health

Intermediate: Axial Skeleton

Intermediate: Fascia for Sport

Intermediate: Myofascial Unwinding

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Understanding Pain Master Sessions.

Take a journey through touch, the perception and mechanisms of pain and how culture, behaviours, attitudes and beliefs all affect pain.

Delivered online in 4 part master sessions.


Emotion in Motion Master Session

Learn why some clients express emotion during or after a treatment session, why some move called unwinding and what it means to be trauma-informed.

Delivered online in 1 master session.


Upcoming in-person workshop dates and venues

Even if you are enhancing your existing MFR skills or attending MFR workshops for the first time, there's a venue near you. Some workshops are run together to maximise your learning experience.

Dates and venues

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