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With Over Two Decades Of Experience, MFR UK Provides In-Person Workshops, Blended Learning Programmes And Online Courses For Professional Therapists

"Andra has a good heart and big soul, and her hands makes wonders!"

Georgiana A. Serban

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Offers MFR intensive treatments over 2 days or more


Holds professional indemnity insurance


Offers MFR exclusive treatments


Special interests include

Sports injuries, scar tissue managment, TMJ issues, and back pain.

Offers SMFR 1-2-1 individual sessions


"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the applied therapy. I'm feeling very well. I no longer have back and headaches. I can use my hand with confidence and especially I don't wake up at night because of the pain. I hug you dearly. I recommend with confidence."

Nely Tanase

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