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Enhanced E-Learning

High-quality e-learning platform, hours of video learning, live interactive learning, and fun online quizzes. Learn anytime, anywhere, on any device!

Learn At Your Own Pace

Several courses can be completed in as little as 5 weeks, or up to 6 months! Full access to watch and re-watch materials as many times as you want!

Live Interactive Education

Live video classes to ask questions, discuss, and practice techniques. Plus lifetime access to FB groups so you are never alone on your journey!

Extra Value Live Experience Events

Events for any of our students on current or previous courses to practice techniques, learn new ones, and take their learning to another level!

What's New?

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Certificate in Myofascial Therapy (CiMFT)

This course is delivered on a professional online learning programme and provides a comprehensive online theory package including the anatomy and physiology of the fascial system, fascial dysfunction, current research as well as case studies and valuable documentation to establish a Myofascial Release Practice.

Over 45 techniques are presented in video format with unlimited access enhancing learning and refinement of application. The techniques offered are drawn from various styles of MFR, scar tissue techniques, cranial and intraoral techniques all of which are presented as an integrated approach alongside an introduction to myofascial rebounding and unwinding.

Specific assessments and techniques are provided for the hip, shoulder, lumbar, pelvic, thorax and TMJ including pelvic assessment and treatment of leg length discrepancies and pelvic imbalance.

SMFR is an accredited Certificate qualification with the Association of Physical and Natural Therapists (APNT).  Use SMFR Therapy within your clinic or enjoy the freedom of supporting your clients remotely with a fully digital practice! 

Self Myofascial Release Therapy Certification is open to manual and movement therapists and exercise professionals with a minimum of a level 3 training including anatomy and physiology and at least 1 year’s practice experience.

Each unit provides a theory component relative to fascia, fascial dysfunction and myofascial release as well as in-depth training using self myofascial release therapy tools. Information is also provided to help you set up your own online or face to face class and individual treatment plans.

Self Myofascial Release Therapy (SMFR)

Body Reading Pro

Body-reading is more than identifying asymmetry. A visual assessment, called a body reading, helps you identify functional and dysfunctional patterns. It also provides valuable information directing the treatment and offers a baseline measurement for treatment success and progression.

Have you ever looked at a client’s body and identify areas of imbalance but have not been able to work out what has caused them and, more importantly, not been able to work out what to do about them? This is where Body Reading Pro can help.

This course looks at the middle of the body, providing a wealth of practical assessments for pelvic asymmetry. It considers their causes and relationship to any dysfunction above and below the pelvis.

You will learn movements of the pelvis including understanding and identifying pelvic torque, up slip / down slip, in flare / out flare along with the corresponding changes resulting in a long and short leg, genu valgum, varus and pes planus and cavus. The course techniques are directed at practical comprehensive assessment and any resultant changes which may occur.

Pelvic Balancing Pro

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