All our workshops are payable online. The transactions are completed via Worldpay, a secure payment gateway, in order that your card details remain safe and secure. With a payment gateway, we don’t actually get your credit or debit card details and therefore never hold your card details on file.

Students often choose to add or upgrade, workshops. When this happens, we use Worldpayzinc which is a separate Worldpay product, to send a payment request for the additional funding via email. Payments are again made online and we never see your card number, your transactions are done safely and securely meaning your card number is never disclosed online.

Payment via NHS trusts

Occasionally, we are asked if we will raise invoices for Physiotherapists who wish to attend our workshops where their NHS trust will pay via a BACS payment. Our experience is that this is a very time consuming and lengthy process. Often the initial contact to ask for the invoice can be weeks, if not months before payment is received. We cannot confirm a student on a workshop until full payment has been received and this can lead to constant communication requesting payment. Due to this, we can no longer take payment via this method. We welcome any Physiotherapist who wishes to attend our workshops to pay via our website and apply for the return of funds from their NHS trust. MFR UK will not get involved in this transaction and cannot raise any invoice or receipts for this process other than the automated receipts produced via Worldpay.

Private funding

When therapists wish to attend our workshops and their funding comes from a private source, this often is completed within days of the initial enquiry. Physiotherapists, sports therapists and any other therapists who are employed by a Spa, clinic, private hospital or private physiotherapy clinic can pay online via credit or debit card and apply for the return of funds from their employer or their employer can make the payment via the website with a company credit or debit card. If assurance is provided that payments will be made within 5 working days of the workshop booking request, MFR UK will raise a payment invoice, at a charge of £25 added to the invoice cost, to the employer where a BACS transfer can be made. No student is confirmed on any MFR UK workshop until full payment is received. When there is limited space on workshops, BACS transfers will not be accepted. We are unable to accept BACS/bank payments from an international bank

Grants and skills development funding 

Many students have benefited from grants and skills development funding offered by the government to be able to attend our workshops. Your local council offices can provide this information as to what skills funding is available to you, MFR UK does not have this information. When students apply for funding, they must pay the workshops themselves and apply to be reimbursed from the funding agency. As Worldpay is our payment gateway, all bookings generate a payment receipt which you receive via email. There are never any card details on this invoice/receipt for security reasons, however, you need to send your MFR UK receipts and your bank statement to apply for your funding. MFR UK does not get involved in your funding and reimbursement of funds, the transaction is solely between you and the funding agency. MFR UK will not generate any further paperwork for reimbursement of funds.

Additional payment information

Unfortunately, we do not accept cheques for workshop or product payments.

MFR UK offers an early bird discount workshop rate purchasing workshops more than 6 weeks in advance, these prices are listed on the website. Due to this promotion, we do not offer the opportunity to make workshop deposits or instalments.

MFR UK complies with the distance selling law.