Ruth Duncan BSc. (Hons.)

Ruth Duncan BSc (Hons.) has been involved in complementary therapies for a number of years and took the opportunity to study whilst living abroad. She graduated with honours as a clinical massage therapist in 2000 from the Humanities Centre School of Massage, now the Cortiva Institute, in Florida, USA . Her training included various techniques including relaxation, Swedish, therapeutic, and sports/remedial massage with the neuromuscular component comprising of muscle energy techniques (MET), positional release (PR), and trigger point therapy and both direct and non-direct myofascial release (MFR). Ruth was privileged to learn from highly skilled teachers and lecturers at the school including advanced Rolfer’s, John F.Barnes myofascial practitioners, chiropractors and physiotherapists.

On returning to Scotland Ruth furthered her training by studying sports injury rehabilitation with Premier Training UK, pre and peri-natal massage with Carole Osbourne-Sheets and Reiki. She organised the first TouchPro chair massage course in Scotland and holds a diploma as an On-Site Practitioner. She also explored further direct and non-direct fascial approaches from various different modalities including Thomas Myers’ Anatomy Trains and Meridians, Kinesis Myofascial Integration (level1), Erik Dalton Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques, Jean-Paul Barral Visceral Manipulation, and Liz Kotch, who specialises in core awareness and the psoas muscle. Ruth has also attended and participated in human dissection workshops with Gil Hedley and Julian Baker in order to learn more about human anatomy, function and dysfunction.

Ruth pursued her interest in the body/mind connection by obtaining a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy allowing her access to various techniques from basic counselling skills, life strategies and goal setting which complement all of the therapies she practices.

She returned to the USA in February 2003 to continue postgraduate training with John F. Barnes who is the world’s leading authority on Myofascial Release (MFR). She completed the final advanced retreat MFR seminar in October 2004 and since then has repeated many of their seminars as well as assisting on a number of seminars for John.

Ruth has also completed a diploma in sports therapy (University accredited) with The Society of Sports Therapists (Sports Rehab and Education) in order to refresh and update her knowledge in sports and remedial care.

She is also working towards her certificate in teaching in the lifelong learning sector with City and Guilds.

Ruth has a personal interest in treating those with chronic pain, debilitation and exhaustion, particularly fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and chronic myofascial pain syndrome, as she herself struggled with chronic fatigue syndrome (ME) for almost 8 years. She understands the emotion coming from the physical and the physical creating the emotion from firsthand experience as her own health forced her to give up her home and an earlier career in order to cope and to heal. Through her journey into MFR she has come to realise many physical and emotional issues that harboured her condition and that the label she was given by traditional health care was nothing more than a way of slotting her into statistics and criteria to meet an outdated paradigm, that of treating the label and not the cause.

Ruth teaches MFR at various venues in the UK and has been asked to teach internationally including teaching at an Osteopathic school in Portugal and in the Physiotherapy department at a hospital in Kuwait.

MFR UK has a regular stand at the CAMEXPO show in Earls Court and Olympia London, where they provide a number of introductory MFR workshops. MFR UK have presented both lectures and workshops at the Holistic Health show for the Federation of Holistic Therapists as well as providing MFR workshops for the MTI (Massage Training Institute) conference.

Ruth is on the committee for the British Fascia Symposium and had the honour of presenting the opening anatomy lecture on fascia at the events primary conference held in Windsor in May 2014.

Ruth has written many articles for the Scottish Massage Therapy Organisation, Today’s Therapist and Massage World trade magazines, International Therapist, the Federation of Holistic Therapists magazine, and EMBODY, the journal for the Complementary Therapy Association. MFR UK also advertises in these magazines and Frontline, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy magazine.

She has also authored ‘A Hands-On Guide to Myofascial Release’ published by Human Kinetics in June 2014 (second edition 2021) which is available in both ebook and paperback and is a guide to using the foundational MFR techniques in therapy practice.

Ruth runs her own clinic just north of Glasgow, Scotland, specialising in the MFR approach in single sessions and intensive treatments where she is privileged to have three other advanced MFR practitioners, Jane Meek, Linda Currie and Karen Baker who all have attended many John F. Barnes seminars in the USA as well as assisting on the MFR UK workshops with Ruth.

Ruth was presented with the ‘Outstanding Achievement Award to the Industry’ in October 2014 at the CAMEXPO show at Olympia London.

She has also obtained a First Class Honours Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Sciences with the Open University.

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