Nicky Holbrook

Advanced Myofascial Release - Haywards Heath

Treating chronic pain for sports and general life injuries

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Location: Lindfield Nr. Haywards Heath.

Tel: 07738257873

From sport, work, or lifestyle related pain, to recovery from training and competition, you’re in good hands!

Nicky assesses, treats and rehabilitate injuries, pain and posture so that you can enjoy the activities you love. Nicky is a Soft Tissue Specialist and is qualified with the Advanced Clinical Diploma in Integrated Myofascial Release plus she is qualified in Sports Massage & Remedial Therapy. Soft tissue Therapy is appropriate for EVERYONE, no matter age, level of fitness and is adapted to you and your health. We all feel soft tissue discomfort at some point in our lives whether this is from a sporting injury, long-term build-up of pain or managing on-going conditions, (e.g. arthritis, fibromyalgia). Using advanced hands-on Myofascial & Massage techniques Nicky treats these aches, pains and strains to ease your discomfort and movement and advises on self-care. With additional qualifications in: Pregnancy & Post-Natal Massage, Oncology Massage - treating those affected by cancer and Kinesiology Taping.

Myofascial Release is appropriate for EVERYONE.

Nicky has experience of helping her client's achieve their sporting goals plus easing chronic pain conditions and deep tissue restrictions from injury, operations and overuse.

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Location: Lindfield Nr. Haywards Heath.

Tel: 07738257873

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Thanks Nicky - an excellent result. I have much more freedom of movement with my shoulder and consequently a great deal more confidence. This is exactly what I needed and is allowing me to really press on with the exercises that I have been prescribed. I would expect some reaction overnight and tomorrow but at the moment my pain levels are much improved. Andrew.


Over the last 2.5 years I have been experiencing severe back and chest pains. And during that time I have personally consulted with 11 different specialists (mainly from the NHS). The result was a big fat zero. Then I was recommended to see Nicky. I was informed that Nicky was a Myofascial Release Therapist. Not having a clue what it was, (science or art), I thought I would give it a go. But after two sessions, hey presto, I am almost back to normal. I shall gladly continue with the activity. I totally recommend this process to everyone and if you too are experiencing muscular pains, go see Nicky. Brilliant. Barry


Nicky's work on my neck and back has been the most instrumental tool in taking me from living in constant worry of pain just around the corner, to feeling like “my old self”. Her holistic approach and deep knowledge of her field, meant that she had an immediate impact on the muscles around my spine, and after just 2 treatment sessions I feel so much better. She really listened to all of my medical history and took the time to assess me slowly and methodically, leaving no stone unturned. Despite now being pain free, I intend to carry on seeing Nicky regularly as the first port of call, alongside my physio and other treatment plans. I now know how important she is going to be to the ongoing management of both my AS disease and other muscular and mechanical issues. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Nicky to anyone, whether they just want invaluable support for a healthy fit body or someone with underlying medical issues that need some attention. Emily

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