Susan Stewart

Myofascial Release - Banchory

Various Sports to Holistic massage including Self-Myofascial Release

Contact Details:

Location: Banchory Aberdeenshire AB31

Tel: 07969149184

I trained with the Scottish Massage Schools, Myofascial Release UK and Melt Method out in America.

I’m always looking at the body as a whole and trying to find the best way forward for my clients. I’ve been a therapist for 10 years now and could not think of a better job. I love helping people to help themselves in their recovery process.

I have a wide and varied client base and am happy to discuss how my treatments will help you.

I have a client base that consists of Pregnancy, hip and knee replacements, kidney dialysis as well as mental health and relaxation. If I can’t help I will recommend someone else. You will always be listened to and valued.

Contact Susan

Location: Banchory Aberdeenshire AB31

Tel: 07969149184

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S Smith

Brilliant caring excellent service. Can't thank you enough following my major back surgery and spinal fusion. Best Shaeron Smith

S Gifford

Thank you so much Sue! I have just come home from an amazing treatment with this lovely lady. Two hours ago I was misaligned, suffering from a sore lower back and quite bad tennis elbow. After a pretty intensive treatment i feel almost myself again and confident about being able to work next week. This massage therapist is a gem! 😃😍 Sam Gifford

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