Sarah Hunt

Self-Myofascial Release - Findhorn

A session would combine SMFRT work with a whole spectrum of Pilates Moves

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Location: Findhorn, Forres, Moray, IV36

Tel: 01309 690410 or 07515648225

I'm intrigued how body’s move, it's a passion of mine, even after all these years of teaching Pilates I am still learning, particularly from the clients.

The use of SMFRT has proved such a useful tool and practical way, combined with functional Pilates Moves, for people to re-educate their bodies, re-align and correct faulty movement patterns. The breathe pattern used when gently moving helps this change enormously. I qualified as a SMFRT Practioner in 2020 and as a Pilates Instructor in 2000. Prior to this I qualified in teaching exercise to music and dance since 1997. I have a Client loyalty base from 1997, an age range from 13 to 94, which gives me a broad spectrum of clients. I am a Master Mat Work Teacher, hold an advance level of qualification on all the Pilates Apparatus, with Body Control Pilates. Recently I have been working on gait analysis, which helps under pin my knowledge.

Clients range from 13 to 94, from the very fit athletes to the very poorly recovering from surgery/injury/medical conditions.

SMFRT, combined with functional Pilates Moves, and a knowledge in bio-mechanics and gait analysis helps in spotting faulty movement patterns and bad habits which cause the body to move incorrectly, putting unnecessary stress in certain areas. By gently encouraging the client to move with thought and precision, and increased awareness, the correct patterns have a chance to return. This does take dedicated time and practise from the client.

Contact Sarah

Location: Forres, Moray, IV36

Tel: 01309 690410 or 07515648225

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