Elisha May

Advanced Myofascial Release - Clerkenwell

Treating chronic and acute pain.

Contact Details:

Clerkenwell: Clerkenwell Chiropractic Clinic 178 Goswell Rd London EC1V 7DT.

Tel: 0207 490 4042 option 1 

Elisha trained in Massage Therapy and Reflexology over 16 years ago.

She then began her Myofascial Release journey in 2014. She then completed the Advanced Clinical Diploma in integrated Myofascial Therapy in 2017. Elisha then trained in Self Myofascial Release Therapy. Elisha works with a whole range of conditions from acute to chronic and loves helping people ease their pain and discomfort. She loves both hands-on and online work.

Elisha treats a variety of clients in both acute and chronic pain.

Elisha works within chiropractic clinics, therefore has experience in many different issues throughout the whole body. She treats a lot of lower back pain, neck issues, headaches, jaw and tendonitis issues to name a few and uses a variety of different MFR techniques. She can also show clients some techniques they are able to do at home for self-care. She will also take SMFR Therapy sessions online.

Contact Elisha

Clerkenwell: Clerkenwell Chiropractic Clinic 178 Goswell Rd London EC1V 7DT.

Tel: 0207 490 4042 option 1 




S Cannon

Remote Myofascial release with Elisha was like Magic - tightness in my hips and shoulders that had been building whilst in lockdown and had always required deep massage, relaxed and released , without my muscles feeling beat up! Learning the techniques means I can do some releases at home when I need them, this has been a real game-changer. S Cannon 50

M Taylor

Just recently, I tried Myofascial Release with Elisha May. This has been the best therapy for muscles I have ever experienced. It was an extraordinary experience that I would go back to. It took away more stress, pain and tension than any other method and Elisha is incredibly talented. It can go quite deep into relieving tension and may hit on old issues, sometimes emotional, but it’s never painful.  I plan on going back and would encourage you to experience Elisha’s gift of healing. M Taylor, 41, astrologer and coach.

J Feathers

Elisha is a kind, patient and thoughtful practitioner. She gave my particular problems a great deal of thought before our session, and was able to teach me techniques which have quite a powerful effect. Thank you Elisha! J Feathers

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