Mathew Jerome

Myofascial Release - Leeds

Manual therapist treating chronic pain and sports injuries

Contact Details:

Location: Regain Pain Management Manor Health Clinic 5 Rodley Lane Leeds LS131LB

Tel: 07849325805

I became a sports massage therapist in 2002.

I initially worked with amateur and semi-professional football clubs, then in 2008 I developed chronic back pain, and had 5 years of misdiagnosis, treatments and surgeries which left me unable to even move without severe pain. I had Myofascial Release in 2013 that cured my back issue in just 4 sessions, and I was so inspired by this therapy that I set up Regain Pain Management, delivering it to people struggling with pain, and not getting any relief from conventional therapy. I'm a firm believer in natural holistic remedies, and love nothing more than getting people off medication and being pain free again. I specialise in treating Chronic pain anywhere in the body, especially Migraines, Sciatica, Tight Muscles and can also activate muscles to fire correctly and improve performance and function.

Since 2013 I have seen over 2000 clients.

They range from Infants to Great grand mothers, office workers to high end elite sports people, and in that time I have also been on numerous training courses to learn many different modalities including Sports Massage/Therapy, Myofascial Release, Postural Analysis & Integration, Muscle Activation Techniques and Trigger Point Therapy. I deal with chronic pain conditions all over the body, muscular disfunction, Sciatica, back pain, Migraines, TMJ, Postural imbalance, and knee pain. Having worked at a professional football club as head of injury & rehabilitation for their academy, I also like to work with junior footballers who have unresolved issues or reoccuring injuries that prevent them from playing.

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Location: Regain Pain Management Manor Health Clinic 5 Rodley Lane Leeds LS131LB

Tel: 07849325805



J Barber

Had my first session with Matt today and it was exceptional, way beyond my expectations. The session is difficult to describe and unlike anything else I have ever experienced. My issue was tension locked firmly into my shoulders, arms and jaw. Is been there a long time and has never really budged despite many massages. I can feel an immediate improvement and the range of movement in my arms has increased way more than I thought it could. I am so looking forward to my next appointment. Truly, I can't recommend Matt highly enough - Jane Barber

D Towers

I visited Regain 18 months post a serious car accident and was seen by Matthew - after going through lots of surgery and rehabilitation I had severe built up scar tissue in my leg which doctors told me was untreatable. It was causing me great pain and discomfort. Regain was recommended to me and after what the doctors had said I felt like this was my last chance for my leg to have a chance of recovering, if any. Matthew was so lovely and completely made me feel comfortable and at ease. He talked me though his practices and what the plan was for our session. After about 20 minutes of treatment the swelling in my leg has drastically resulted and was no longer painful to touch! After 18 months of being told it was untreatable I could not believe it! I was in utter shock. Matthew also did some work on my back and shoulders which I was completely open to as I had suffered a spinal injury - the relief I felt when he was working was incredible and the work we did enabled me to release lots of built up trauma in my body I didn’t know was still lingering. It was such an amazing cathartic experience and my pain and discomfort is gone. I would highly highly recommend anyone who is suffering with any kind of pain to visit this clinic with an open mind and a willingness to engage with the practices. I honestly thought nothing would work for me, but Matthew enabled my recovery more in 1 hour than some doctors have been able to do in over a year. Thank you Matthew. - Daisy Towers

C Howarth

I had a treatment session with Mathew this evening! This was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had! I have had 3 operations on my L5 lumbar spine disc. My condition has been ongoing for 4 years. This morning I struggled to walk down the stairs this evening I have walked up the stairs with no use of the banister! This may seem ridiculous to some but for me is amazing! 🙌🏻 I can’t wait to continue my treatment journey with this guy who is so knowledgable so accommodating and for the first time in my life someone who finally gets what I’m dealing with daily! Seriously you need to have a consultation with Mathew! It will change your life ❤️ - Carly Howarth

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