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Location: Bristol

Tel: 07731421922

Our anatomy, our mind, our ability to move freely and all the aspects necessary to bring about health fascinates me.

As a practitioner I am led by a holistic ethos, the focus is on the whole you, as an individual that day. My passion for our incredible human body started when I was young…I played lots of cricket and football. I first hand experienced the benefits of bodywork therapy in keeping my body and mind the best it could be so I could perform. I stumbled upon the fascia in 2015 and it felt like the missing puzzle piece was found. I’m very passionate about fascia and the powerful effects Myofascial Release Therapy has. I’ve worked closely alongside Chiropractors in Bristol and have since built my own practice. I am studying for my Advanced Diploma in MFR and Body Reading Pro certificate currently.

My practice is open to everyone.

I work with an array of musculoskeletal issues and issues surrounding emotional stress. I use a variety of MFR and soft tissue techniques. My aim is to empower you and give you all the tools necessary to flourish in your life. I hope to educate you in the importance of self care and treat you, for you. My sessions are tailored and are inclusive of follow up care, feedback and ways in which you can sustain long term health and well being. My true joy is seeing my clients living their best life, moving freely, without pain.

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Location: Bristol

Tel: 07731421922

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C Symonds

Issey is a very well experienced practitioner who has a lovely balance of professionalism and a friendly and down to earth manner which really helps to put clients at ease. She has made a huge difference to my hip and shoulder pain with her myofacial release treatment and I have recommended her to a number of others. I would highly recommend her as a practitioner. So glad I found her!" - Claire-Louise Symonds

F Quick

Issey is a fountain of knowledge and expertise. She really helped me understand my body and gave me the tools to continue improving at home. With Myofascial Release she was able to relieve me of my chronic headache that I never would have imagined possible! Just amazing." - Florence Quick

S Hurd

Issey is an absolute miracle worker! After months of physio, and even a hydrocortisone injection for knee and shoulder pain, I was making little progress. However, with a course of myofascial release therapy, I’m now back at work and well on my way to a full recovery. I cannot express how grateful I am. Not only for fixing the problem, but her patience and support throughout the process." - Stephen Hurd

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