Claire Dannatt

Advanced Myofascial Release - West Ashton, Trowbridge

Specialising in working with gait issues, scars and women's health.

Contact Details:

Location: West Ashton, Trowbridge, Wiltshire

Tel: 07918021052

Claire is an Advanced MFR practitioner with 13 years experience.

She specialises in treating holistically with a focus on gait, scars and women's health. Her background training is 20 years as a PE teacher and coach of athletics, hockey and trampolining. In 2005 Claire retrained in Sports Injuries massage with Jane Johnson, which took her into teaching at Kent University. Claire's MFR journey began with Ruth Duncan in 2009 and in 2012 she travelled to America to train under John Barnes. Claire is one of the MFR UK assistant trainers. Claire has used her skills when part of the medical team at the 2012 Olympics/Paralympics and 2 Commonwealth Games. Claire now has a beautiful, calm treatment studio in the Wiltshire countryside, where she offers bespoke treatment programmes to release core issues, restore balance with 3-D movement patterns and rejuvenate inner confidence and joy of self management with the use of SMFRTherapy.

Claire's teaching and Pilates training gives her a detailed understanding of how the body moves in sport.

This allows her to see where her clients are not functioning efficiently. Many of Claire's clients have struggled with pain for several years and not achieved a long term solution to their problem. Her aim is to find their route cause of pain and rebalance the movement of the whole body to establish a pain free system where the client can re-engage with the fun of participation. Claire has developed her 3-Step system of Release, Restore and Rejuvenate. This involves, hands on integrated MFR, whole body 3-D movement and stretching, self-care release work (SMFRTherapy) and re-education of positive engagement with oneself. Claire will see her clients to a safe movement position and on to one in which they have the knowledge to maintain their own strong, coordinated patterns of movement.

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Location: West Ashton, Trowbridge, Wiltshire

Tel: 07918021052

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