Kate Krzywiec

Advanced Myofascial Release - Milton-under-Wychwood

Treating acute and chronic pain, special interest in sports injuries.

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Location: The Breakspeare Clinic Shipton Road Milton-under-Wychwood Oxon OX7 6JW

Tel: 01993 830913 or 07876632479

Kate qualified with a BSc Hons in Physiotherapy in 1999 and an MSc in Sports Physiotherapy in 2011.

Kate has always been interested in treating the “whole person” which sparked her interest and desire to learn more about fascia and she completed the advanced diploma in 2019. She is a keen runner and understands the demands that athletes place on their body and also the emotional effect that being injured can have. She has a special interest in treating sports injuries but takes a whole body approach to try and resolve pain and tension.

Kate treats a variety of clients ranging from professional athletes to the elderly.

Kate works as a physiotherapist treating professional jockeys on a number of racecourses. Kate’s background In Physiotherapy gives her a great depth in knowledge of many conditions. Whilst still working as a physiotherapist, Kate offers myofascial release as treatments on their own but also integrates many of the techniques into her Physiotherapy treatment sessions. She has a special interest in sports injuries, chronic neck related pain, headaches and stress related symptoms. Kate is trained in intraoral work if the pain experienced warrants working inside the mouth to relieve tension. She is keen to give her clients some exercises and techniques to help them manage and improve their symptoms promoting general well being and musculoskeletal health. 

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Location: The Breakspeare Clinic Shipton Road Milton-under-Wychwood Oxon OX7 6JW

Tel: 01993 830913 or 07876632479



B Frost

Kate has helped me since I started racing under rules, keeping my body together and healthy to ride. A lot of the time as a jump jockey, we carry stiffness and sore muscles due to the demands of the job, plenty of falls and long hours driving. Kate has introduced fascial techniques alongside more traditional Physiotherapy techniques and the response has been brillant. Gentle techniques but incredibly effective and they have made a massive difference to how I feel. (B Frost, professional jump jockey)

K Bellamy

When I first saw Kate, I had been in constant pain for over 10 years with back and hip injuries. Her treatment and advice has been invaluable. I am now pain free and have returned to ballet and continue to dance at the grand age of 50. (K Bellamy)

A Engel

Awesome treatments, Kate has kept me moving and enabled me to get back to normal after breaking my neck. (A Engel)

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