Josie Smith

Myofascial Release - Bishops Stortford

Relaxing, rejuvenating and pain relieving mobile treatments in Bishops Stortford.

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Location: Mobile treatments in the Bishops Stortford area

Tel: 07869120944

Josie has been a practising massage therapist since completing her Holistic Massage Diploma in 2011.

She treats her clients by focusing not only on specific symptoms, but on the mind and body as a whole. Through attentive listening and carefully refined techniques, Josie addresses both physical and energetic issues. She believes we all contain the innate ability to heal, and uses her skills to help those looking to find relief from chronic back pain and stress-related tension – or anyone simply seeking overall wellness of being. Her qualifications include Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Sports and Deep Tissue Massage, Soft Tissue Release and Myofascial Release. She is also a member of the British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA) and is currently in the process of completing the Clinical Diploma in Integrated Myofascial Release Therapy and the Certificate in Self Myofascial Release Therapy (SMFR).

I am a mobile therapist and will travel to you for your treatment.

I specialise in treating tension and pain in the back, neck and shoulders, using myofascial release techniques and massage, focusing on trigger points.

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Location: Mobile treatments in the Bishops Stortford area

Tel: 07869120944



S King

I have had Fibromyalgia for many years. I ached all over and, most importantly, I couldn't lift my right arm higher than just below my shoulder. Firstly, within minutes I could move my arm in ways I couldn't have done before. I have total flexibility of my arms. My 'ache' levels are at a minimum and I now only need a session every four - five weeks. The technique facilitates the body to 'mend' itself. It is unique, gentle, relaxing and effective. The therapists are honest and I couldn't recommend them highly enough. S. King


J Chorley

I was introduced to Myofascial Release about a year ago and I cannot sing it or Nikki’s praises enough. Nikki has worked miracles on 3 separate problems and the first 2 were actually remedied in just one session. It has been the most effective and gentle method of pain relief I have ever experienced - I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to becoming pain free. If like me you are not keen on needles or not too keen on having your bones ‘crunched’ which in the past have both proven effective, Myofascial Release could be for you. It is extremely subtle and after just one treatment I gained strength and stability back in my knee joint for which I had been suffering from for a very long time. I understand that not all problems can be fixed in just one session but I trust Nikki and her team to advise and work professionally to get me and all their clients pain free in the safest, quickest possible way. Thank you Holisticare. J. Chorley

P Pearson

Relaxed and friendly, very beneficial treatment that removed my pain and allowed me to use my head and neck again. I could hardly move my head when I came in and had a hugely increased range of movement when I left, making every movement easier and less painful. Before I tried MFR I had no idea what it was or what an important impact it would have on my life, mobility and recovery from injury. I would recommend the treatment to anyone as it is so gentle and works with the body. It is also excellent to maintain mobility and health, so you don't have to wait until you are already in pain to feel the benefits. P. Pearson

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