Jenny Wilson

Advanced Myofascial Release - Cambridge

Myofascial Release Cambridge UK

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Location: Great Wilbraham, Cambridge

Tel: 01223 881899

Jenny originally trained as a Scientist (BSc) but discovered that she could help individuals directly with remedial therapy.

Myofascial release was one area she specialised in and was one of the first to qualify in the advanced clinical diploma in MFR. She has continued her learning journey, adding many tools to her belt such as NeuroKinetic Therapy levels 1-3, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation levels 1-2 and much more.

The majority of Jenny’s clients have long-standing pain.

They often have stressful jobs which are coupled with high-intensity exercises to create balance. However, they neglect regular maintenance, rest and sometimes sleep. Other clients are presented with pain and discomfort due to injury or post-surgery scar tissues.

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Location: Great Wilbraham, Cambridge

Tel: 01223 881899

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I had been suffering from chronic groin and inner leg pain for some time. Jenny quickly found that I was not using my core abdominal muscles, and assigned me some simple daily exercises to correct this. 2 weeks later, I am now pain free, and in addition I have found that I can breathe and walk more easily than I could before. It has been a very reassuring experience learning from Jenny that my symptoms had a simple cause, which I can address by myself through small changes to my routine. Thank you Jenny. Cyclist, July 2019

An email from Emma (shared with permission): Hi Jenny I am getting on really well thank you. I am really conscious of making sure the right muscles do the work... as soon as I feel those front hip flexor muscles start to kick in, I stop, or re-assess my position. I have ordered a ball like yours from Amazon as the tennis ball is a bit hard (!). The difference in my day to day movement (sitting, standing etc) is significant. It's amazing what you have done for me in one hour that no one has been able to do in 18 months! I will keep you updated with how I get on.... I will definitely be coming back to you though and recommending you. Worth every penny and every mile. Speak soon Emma. October 2017.

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