Catherine Franks

Myofascial Release - Stamford

Relief from pain and tension

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Location: The Body Therapist Orion House, Barn Hill, Stamford, Lincolnshire PE9 2AE

Tel: 07748 637555 

From a background in remedial massage and manipulative therapy, I began training in myofascial release therapy in 2014.

MFR now forms over 90% of the treatment you’ll receive from me. Why? Because it is so effective - and safe. MFR can help just about anyone, whether with a recent injury or more deep-seated issues. I work with many clients with recent, identifiable problems, but the most common thing I hear is "I've tried everything else". I find myself successfully treating clients who have chronic pain and tension built up over many years as a result of stress, overuse, trauma, injuries and surgery. Treatment is tailored entirely to your needs after a detailed consultation, and takes place in my calm, comfortable ground floor treatment room in central Stamford, just off the A1 and close to public transport. All pre-treatment discussions including your initial video consultation are free-of-charge; just email, message or call to find out more.

I work primarily with chronic, long-term and persistent pain conditions.

I have a particular interest in issues affecting the jaw, head and neck and have experience with clients with neurological conditions. I work on the basis that our body holds onto ‘stuff’; taking a connected, whole-body approach, I provide a safe space to let go of some of the pain and tension that has built up, wherever it might be sitting in the body and however long it has been there. I will recommend simple ‘homework’ and encourage you to take control of your own healing.

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Location: The Body Therapist Orion House, Barn Hill, Stamford, Lincolnshire PE9 2AE

Tel: 07748 637555 



R Dixon

Catherine has quite literally brought me back to life. My back pain had debilitated me for over year and within one session I was pain free for 6 hours straight! I am a few weeks into treatments and I am functional in life and pain free most days. Catherine gave me hope when I had given up completely. I can not explain what she does or how - but I can say it works...”thank you“ does not even start to cover how grateful I am. R Dixon

H Roberts

I have ongoing treatment with Catherine as I suffer from Fibromyalgia. The treatment really helps to ease my symptoms and keep me mobile. Catherine also helped with some sinus pressure recently. It made a massive difference and I would really recommend the treatment if you are suffering from sinus pain or any other aches and pains. H Roberts

 J Bickerton

Every time I go for a treatment with Catherine there's something different, deep and profound that happens, not just on a physical level but emotionally too. She reads my body so well and notices the way I move so she can adapt the treatment and facilitate a great release in the body. If you are used to 'conventional' massage then you have to leave your expectations at the door as this is something that has to be experienced from another perspective. With many challenges in my own body, Catherine is now my 'go to' body worker. J Bickerton

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