Jennifer Durie

Advanced Myofascial Release - Inverkeithing, Fife

Myofascial Release and Scar Tissue Therapy

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Location: 26 Spencerfield Rd, Inverkeithing KY11 1PQ 

Tel: 07866926637

Jennifer is an Advanced Myofascial Practitioner working in Inverkeithing.

Jennifer has completed many MFR workshops with MFR UK and with John F. Barnes in USA

Jennifer treats a variety of clients in both acute and chronic pain.

Jennifer has a wealth of knowledge and has a keen interest in treating temporomandibular issues, back pain, sports injuries and scars and adhesions. She has also completed advanced training to help individuals with pelvic floor dysfunction.

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Location: 26 Spencerfield Rd, Inverkeithing KY11 1PQ 




T Carter.

Reporting in after my first session yesterday. I have had back problems for 6 years following a fall, constant pain, stiffness and not full range of movement. Have had the best sleep for years, for the first time in yonks slept through the night and woke up with no pain. Thank you! X Tricia Carter

J Stevenson

I had a Scar Tissue Release with Jennifer a few months ago, she worked on my c-section scar. The scar felt tight and pulled at one end, I also had a pouch above that remained visible no matter how much I dieted or exercised. It was amazing how much more supple and less stuck down the pouch felt after, it's flatter and I no longer get twinges in my right leg when I exercise. Truly an amazing experience and I'm going to get another massage very soon to try and improve even further. Jill Stevenson


I recently visited Jennifer Durie Therapies for my first post-lockdown appointment. I have been working from home since mid-March, some of this without correct equipment + moving about less than usual. I had not realised how tense, tight and stressed I was feeling. The treatment with Jennifer left me feeling so much more relaxed, better in myself and more flexible. Definitely recommend if you have been working at home for a while! Jennifer is in new premises. From the pre-visit questionnaire, to entering and leaving the premises, I felt safe and secure. All appropriate protocols are followed without being intimidating or compromising the treatment itself. The treatment room is clean and comfortable and well ventilated. Tricia

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