Pelvic positioning blocks – pair.



These are the pelvic positioning blocks/wedges used to restore balance to the pelvis. They work as an extra pair of hands offering enhanced treatment. These can be purchased by any therapist/practitioner knowledgeable in their use. They can also be purchased by client’s taught how to use them as part of a home-care programme (please see below).

  • The price includes packaging and posting to the UK (except some areas of The Scottish Highland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man as an additional charge applies – see below)
  • Please get in touch for additional costs to an international address and extended UK addresses.

The positioning blocks are made of similar EVA foam as yoga blocks/bricks. They are very sturdy but will mark/dent from things like zips, jean rivets and fingernails. Protect them by placing them inside pillowslips or large socks. You can also place them underneath a thin sheet or a treatment couch cover.

If you are a client purchasing these blocks, please provide the name of the MFR therapist in the comments box of the order. This confirms that you have been shown how to use them appropriately.