Pelvic Balancing Pro


This course looks at the middle of the body, providing a wealth of practical assessments for pelvic asymmetry. It considers their causes and relationship to any dysfunction above and below the pelvis.

You will learn movements of the pelvis including understanding and identifying pelvic torque, up slip / down slip, in flare / out flare along with the corresponding changes resulting in a long and short leg, genu valgum, varus and pes planus and cavus. The course techniques are directed at practical comprehensive assessment and any resultant changes which may occur.

This course is completely online and is for therapists experienced with the sustained manual approach to MFR. The therapist will need to have completed at least a 2-day live attendance MFR workshop with any school and have a certificate of competency or CPD as proof of attendance. ThE previous MFR course or workshop attended needs to focus on the sustained approach to MFR including cross-hand, longitudinal pull and transverse plane techniques. The therapist should also have at least 18 months of clinical MFR experience before embarking on Pelvic Balancing Pro.

Pelvic Balancing Pro will add to your current MFR skills by learning essential and effective fascial techniques to de-rotate and balance the pelvis with orthopaedic pelvic positioning blocks. Having the skill and knowledge to balance the pelvis will provide a greater scope of treatment in all structures above and below.

  • 50 hours of CPD training with unlimited access to technique videos, theory presentations and text and pictures in an online course
  • Learning platform app allowing you to learn on the go
  • The course can be completed in as little as 5 weeks but, you can take up to a year
  • Assessed by 2 multichoice knowledge checks
  • ‘Orthopaedic Pelvic Assessment Specialist’ certificate of completion
  • Private FB group
  • 1 x 60 minutes Zoom meeting (only for those completing the Certificate in Integrated Myofascial Therapy CiMFT)
  • The course includes 1 pair of orthopaedic pelvic positioning blocks worth £30 including p&p to mainland UK. Please contact for postage to other destinations.

Any MFR UK students who have previously completed the Structural Series Part/Level 2 are welcome to take this course as a repeat for a discounted rate. Please get in touch by email for further information.

This course considers:

  • The difference between a structural and a functional leg length discrepancy
  • Assessing for a leg length discrepancy and patterns of dysfunction
  • Assessing anterior and posterior pelvic rotation
  • Assessing lumbar rotation in relationship to pelvic rotation
  • The correlation with foot and knee position in relation to pelvic rotation
  • Sacral nutation and counter nutation in relationship to pelvic rotation
  • Effective MFR techniques to de-rotate the pelvis and restore function and balance
  • Assessing and treating a pelvic lateral shift
  • Viewing the body as a whole from a biotensegrity approach.

This course is a mandatory component of the Advanced Diploma in Integrated Myofascial Therapy (AdvDiMFT) and the Foundation Certificate in Integrated Myofascial Therapy (CiMFT).

Originally part of the MFR UK Structural Series Part 2, now with more in-depth information and technique descriptions to enhance treatment outcomes.