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Pelvic Balancing Pro 25/26 April 2024 BUNDLE

Are you struggling to understand the current scientific evidence that suggests that low back, hip and pelvic pain do not always relate to pelvic imbalance and poor posture? - you are not alone.

Pelvic Balancing Pro is specifically designed to build your expertise in providing excellent hands-on care drawn from an evidence informed perspective.

This essential workshop is tailored for therapists who currently have myofascial soft tissue remedial skills. Delve into the nuanced relationship between the pelvis, hips, low back, and legs. Gain profound insights into movement and structure assessment, realising that perfection isn't paramount – asymmetry can coexist with comfort and poor posture does not always equal pain.

Discover effective techniques to alleviate aches and pains by addressing habitual body tension and faulty and adaptive movement patterns.

Empower yourself to bring tangible relief to your clients.

This AMAZING PBPro course BUNDLE offers the best of both worlds - in-person attendance AND online access.

Online PBPro course access provides:

  • Comprehensive downloadable workbooks
  • Presentations on postural control and proprioception
  • Presentations on the relationship of the pelvis with the lower limbs and spine
  • Presentations on the mechanics of gait
  • Downloadable slide hand-outs
  • Videos on pelvic assessment
  • Myofascial soft tissue technique videos for the low back, hips and pelvis
  • Videos on how to position and use use pelvic positioning blocks to save your hands and enhance therapeutic outcomes
  • Watch on demand and on-the-go with the course app
  • 50 hours of CPD and certificate on 100% course completion
  • 12 months online access upon purchase

In this in-person workshop you will learn:

  • How to assess the anterior and posterior superior iliac spines
  • The relationship of other body structures with a pelvic imbalance
  • The difference between unilateral and bilateral pelvic rotation/tilts and how to treat them
  • What a structural verses a functional leg length discrepancy is
  • Why poor posture and pain don't always relate
  • Build confidence and competence in communicating current evidence on low back pain
  • MFR techniques for the low back and hips
  • MFR techniques for the anterior pelvis
  • How to use Pelvic Positioning Blocks to promote better function of the pelvis
  • How to adapt techniques in line with current evidence while remaining client focused
  • Receive and provide MFR to enhance learning.
  • Receive a comprehensive workshop technique manual.

Venue : NLSSM Unit 3i, 25 Ashley Rd, London N17 9LJ

Times : 09.30-5 pm both days

Tutor : Ruth Duncan

CPD : You will be emailed a certificate of attendance after this workshop for your insurance. 

Your tutor

Ruth Duncan BSc (Hons)

Ruth trained as a licensed massage therapist while living in Florida, USA. She returned to Scotland in 2001 and continued to further her education with a Btec 5 sports and remedial soft tissue qualification, a sports therapy diploma and a hypnotherapy diploma. She also returned to the US to complete training in myofascial release adding to her soft tissue skills.

Ruth has over 20 years of experience working with clients experiencing chronic and persistent pain. She has authored her own book on myofascial release, now in its second edition, and has lectured at international and national conferences and trade shows.


Who can attend?

L3 therapists (SCQF 7 Scotland) - We welcome L3 therapists who have at least 1 day training in soft tissue and myofascial skills from any training provider. This also includes manual therapists such as Bowen, Thai, Shiatsu and CST.

L4+ therapists (SCQF 8 Scotland) - We welcome therapists trained at leat at L4 to attend with or without additional MFR training.

Full workshop details will be emailed upon booking.

You are being asked to create a password for your online MFR UK account. Please keep a note of your password. Your username will be your email address.

Common questions :
Q - Can I attend if I’m not yet qualified?
A – Sorry, no. We won’t be insured to teach you if you don’t hold professional indemnity insurance to practice.
Q – Can movement therapists or beauty therapists attend?
A – Sorry, no. Unless you also have qualification that meets our pre-requisites.
Q : I might arrive late or I have to leave early, is that ok?
A : We recognise that emergencies happen but we expect that you attend the entire workshop otherwise it may affect your CPD certificate.
Q - What do I need to bring?
A – We will email all the workshop details with what you need to bring once you book. You won’t need to bring a massage couch unless it specifically states this in the workshop information.
Q – What if I need to cancel?
A - We recognise that emergencies happen. We have a T&C page below with comprehensive information. Please take time to read this. Re-scheduling can be done free if we get 4 weeks’ notice. All our workshops are non-refundable (distance selling laws apply).