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SMFR 18/19 November Edinburgh

Self- Myofascial Release 3 course BUNDLE deal.

Are you a manual or movement therapist or an exercise or fitness professional looking to expand your skills and offer a diverse range of care to your clients?

Then our Self-Myofascial Release (SMFR) courses are for you!

This is the 3 course BUNDLE DEAL that teaches you how to teach SMFR. SMFR offers diversity to your current skills helping you to teach your clients to help themselves.

With SMFR, you get to do your own self-care while continuing to earn an income helping your clients.

The in-person course teaches you how to teach SMFR. We will teach you amazing techniques using the therapy ball, peanut and foam roller combining and adapting them to suit the needs of your clients.

This course adds to the two online SMFR courses by building on those techniques adding in active movement improving proprioception and by combining the tools to enhance interoception.

This in-person course gives you the skills, knowledge and confidence to offer SMFR in a 1-2-1 setting or in classes both online and in person and the 2 online courses offer 22 easy techniques to get your started which you build on at the 2-day event.

If you already teach classes or provide self-care home programs including stretching, exercise or rehabilitation then SMFR is an easy integration with your existing skills. 

If you don't currently offer classes or home-care programs then this in-person workshop is an ideal choice to get you started adding to your existing skills. 

This 3 course BUNDLE DEAL course provides:

  • Your 2-day in-person SMFR course
  • Valuable whole body techniques using the SMFR therapy ball, peanut and foam roll
  • Easy to use techniques to promote your own self-care
  • A comprehensive workshop manual describing each and every technique offered
  • Time to explore the techniques yourself and to learn how to describe and teach them effectively
  • 10 easy-to-use SMFR techniques and one bonus technique in the online ball course
  • 10 easy-to-use SMFR techniques and one bonus technique in the online peanut and foam roll course
  • Online course access extended to 12 months total
  • Downloadable comprehensive workbooks for the online courses
  • 1 SMFR therapy ball and 1 SMFR peanut posted to you
  • LOADS of time to treat yourself!! :)
  • 2 consecutive payment plan available. Today you pay £236 and next month you pay the final £236, £25 for the payment plan option.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your practice offering diversity to your client care. 

Enrol in our in-person SMFR courses today!

Your tutor

Ruth Duncan BSc (Hons)

Ruth has been teaching Myofascial Release for over 2 decades and is the author of a 'Hands on Guide to Myofascial Release'. She uses MFR and SMFR in her clinical practice and developed the highly successful SMFR courses in 2020.


Who can book?

This course is idea for any soft tissue or movement therapist or fitness and exercise professionals wishing to integrate SMFR into their current practice. You will also be able to offer classes or 1-2-1 SMFR sessions online or in-person.

Venue: Edinburgh Academy Junior School. 10 Arboretum Rd, Edinburgh EH3 5PL

Times: 0930am - 5pm both days


Common Q&A

Q. Are the techniques different to what's on the online therapy ball and peanut/foam roll course?
A. Yes. Some techniques that are in the 2 online course are adapted to add in movement or combine tools and other techniques are completely different for different body areas.
Q. How many CPD hours is the in-person course?
A. A certificate worth 15 hours of CPD is sent after attendance.
Q. How many CPD hours are the 2 online courses?
A. Each online SMFR course is worth 15 hours of CPD.
Q. Do I get all the SMFR Therapy tools included in the course price?
A. You get 1 SMFR ball and 1 peanut included in the price *** . You don't get the foam roll but you can purchase it additionally at the workshop or bring your own. 
Q. Do I need to use, or buy, the branded SMFR products?
A. No, not at all. We want to make this course accessible so you can use any therapy tools similar to what we use on these courses.
Q. Will I be insured to offer SMFR to clients online and in-person after completing this course?
A. Yes, once you have attended the in-person course, you will have adequate training to offer 1-2-1 or classes online and in-person. It's your responsibility to check with your own insurers.
Q. Can I purchase products for this course?
A. Yes, we sell product bundles and you can see these options once you purchase the course.
Q. Do I need to purchase all three courses together to get the Certificate in Self-Myofascial Release?
A. No, you can buy them all individually and work towards the Certificate in Self-Myofascial Release.
Q. Is there an exam or any kind of assessment?
A. No, you in-person attendance will provide you with experiential skills.
Q. What happens if I lose my workbook?
A. Please keep it safe, you would need to purchase a second workbook from us if you lose the one provided at the in-person course.
***Note - if you purchase this 2-day course as a special bundle deal with the 2 online SMFR course, you will only receive 1 SMFR therapy ball and 1 peanut.
Please read our full T&C's in the link below.