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Body Reading Pro

Become a Body Reading Pro

Body reading provides valuable information refining and directing your manual or movement therapy sessions or your fitness and exercise programme. Body Reading Pro offers a baseline measurement for treatment success and progression.

Everything you need to know to become a Body Reading Pro

In this 50-hour course, you will learn how to do a visual assessment, called a body reading, to help you identify functional and dysfunctional patterns.

Enhance clinical outcomes

You will learn:

  • The body planes; the sagittal, coronal, transverse planes and the centre of gravity
  • Spinal curves and common spinal dysfunction
  • Fryette’s laws of spinal mechanics and their relationship to the pelvis
  • Mechanics of the pelvis and pelvic obliquity
  • Functional and structural leg length discrepancies
  • Mechanics of the upper body in relation to everything below
  • Mechanics of the foot and ankle including triplanar foot movements
  • The Janda Approach’, upper cross and lower cross syndrome
  • Diane Lee, muscle slings
  • Serge Gracovetsky, The Spinal Engine
  • Valuable body pattern functional assessment  
  • Consolidating information using a Biotensegrity approach
  • Document your findings
  • Photographs as assessment tools
  • Discusses the pros and cons of body reading mobile apps
  • Using your body reading skills to plan rehabilitation exercise and or self-care programmes.
Common Q&A.
Q. Who can do this course?
A. You must be either a manual therapist, a movement specialist or a fitness/exercise professional holding a qualification at level 3 (minimum) with A&P.
Q. How long can I take to complete the course?
A. BRPro is designed to be completed in as little as 5-6 weeks approximately dedicating about 8 hours a week. However, it is self-paced and you can take up to a year to complete it.
Q. Are there any assessments or exams?
A. BRPro is a CPD course that has 4 short in-course open-book assessments. This means that you can access the questions and go and search for the answers in the course before completing the quiz. These quizzes are to help you consolidate your learning, they are not formal assessments required to pass this course.
Q. Will BRPro help me treat conditions?
A. BRPro is a CPD course that enhances any and all clinical skills. It is not a treatment approach and does not need additional insurance unless you wish to use it as a professional service. Please contact your PI Broker for more information if you do intend to use BRPro for this service.
Q. When do I get course access?
A. At checkout, you'll be asked to provide a username and password that you need to access the course. Once the order is paid, you will get instant access. Please take a note of your username and password.
Q. Are there any payment plans?
A. Unfortunately not.
Q. What are MFR UK's Terms and Conditions?
A. MFR UK abides by the distance selling laws. Please see the T&C's at the bottom of this page.