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Fascia in Focus Event – 22-23 June in Glasgow

Join us in June 2019 for 2 days focusing on fascia.

Dr Carol Davis will help you deepen your understanding of the structure and function of fascia and what role it plays in health. You will learn practical skills to keep fascia healthy and expand your knowledge of fascial dysfunction and how it can be treated. You will be inspired by thought-provoking concepts of the relationship the fascial system has with energy, consciousness and emotion and you will be able to participate in practical hands-on skills using myofascial release techniques.

Read more about Dr Davis’ workshop here

Read more about the special Saturday evening Myofascial Immersion event here

There are 2 packages available for this event.

Package 1

22nd – 23rd June – Dr Carol Davis. Fascia as the Foundation of Life.

22nd June – Dinner and evening Myofascial Immersion event.


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Package 2

22nd – 23rd June – Dr. Carol Davis. Fascia as the Foundation of Life.


Event information and booking

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