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31aug01sepFeaturedSteve Goldstein. Fascial Therapy Applications – Bristol 31 August/01 September 2019Bristol College of Massage & Bodywork Event Organized By: Ruth Duncan



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Join soft tissue specialist Steven Goldstein on his ‘Fascial Therapy’ 2-day workshop integrating the direct and indirect forms of soft-tissue and fascial applications.
With over 20 years experience of delivering workshops in his home country of Australia and internationally, Steve will provide a wealth of knowledge coupled with effective and easy to use manual therapy approaches which can be integrated into any soft tissue clinical practice. This workshop is suitable for any and all manual therapists wishing to enhance their treatment effectiveness regardless of prior postgraduate fascial or soft tissue training.

For any therapist who has prior fascial and soft tissue training, Steve’s treatment approaches will add another therapeutic dimension to your current skills offering greater scope for treatment efficacy and enhancing kinaesthetic awareness.

Fascial therapy offers an emphasis on more than technique. Is the skilled integration of embodied mindfulness with sensitive and light touch applications which stimulate the autonomic nervous system de-stressing the body and mind. The ‘Fascial Therapy’ workshops are often referred to as a ‘bodywork’ whole body, mind-body holistic course. This special event workshop will provide the student with an enhanced sense of touch and easy to use effective skills for treating chronic and acute pain.
Steve has presented workshops in the UK over the last few years and has delivered his Fascia Therapy approach at the British Fascia Symposium in 2016 and 2018.
Pre-requisite – Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Sports Therapy, Sports and Remedial Massage, Holistic/Therapeutic Massage or similar.

Included are key principles that have stood the test of time for treating a variety of soft-tissue dysfunctions.
The student will learn –
  • Direct and indirect effective applications with a strong emphasis on touch literacy as it relates to the autonomic nervous system response.
  • address global lines of myofascial tension that are considered cardinal lines.
  • Understand and learn from a variety of sources, with a strong emphasis placed on Thomas Myers Anatomy Trains model, Paoletti’s Fascial Chains and Transfer Points, Schultz-Feitis ‘Body Retinaculae’ and Robert Schleip’s ‘Magic Spots’ among others will be presented.
  • Palpation and assessed skills to determine which set of techniques to utilise within global lines of fascial tension
  • Participants will learn to treat not only epimysial and aponeurotic fascia but ligament, joint capsule and tendons.
All students will obtain a CPD certificate of attendance. Students are recommended to check with their own organisational body to ascertain how many CPD points they will accrue.

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August 31 (Saturday) 9:30 am - September 1 (Sunday) 5:00 pm


Bristol College of Massage & Bodywork

Lower Ground Floor 109 Pembroke Road BS8 3EU

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