Emotion in Motion

Ruth Duncan BSc (Hons). PGCert Pain Science and Theory. Myofascial Release UK


Learn why some clients express emotion during or after treatment and what you can do to help.


Learn why some clients also move, often called unwinding, during treatments and how you can support them.


What does it mean to be Trauma Informed and how can you use this understanding in treatments.

I've been a practising Myofascial Release Therapist for over 20 years.

I've treated many clients who have expressed emotion in the form of tears, fear, anger and happiness, as well as body movement, during or after MFR treatment.

However, many manual therapies can result in an emotional release and body movement, commonly called unwinding as a response to treatment.

Why do clients have these feelings and why does their body often mirror the emotion that they are expressing?

Being Trauma-Informed is a valuable part of being a therapist. Covid-19 has highlighted the need to be more aware of mental health issues as therapists are now routinely treating clients who are working through life challenges as a result of Covid-19.

This recorded webinar will discuss memories and their relationship with trauma.  It also discusses what emotional release and unwinding are and how we can apply this knowledge into our treatments to better support our clients.

Slide handouts are also provided.

Emotion in Motion Master Session from MFR UK

£25.00 GBP