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Myofascial release The Axial Skeleton

Learn valuable MFR skills to treat the Axial Skeleton

Building skills is an important part of a therapists career not only to improve treatment outcomes but also helps to grow their practice.

This 2-day in-person practical workshop delivers skills for the soft tissues surrounding the spine, the pelvis, the temporomandibular joint and the cranium. 

Therapists will both give and receive MFR techniques in a class setting that will equip them with an invaluable understanding and appreciation of technique application.

What will I learn?

What the Axial Skeleton includes

  • 2-day fun-packed and informative workshop
  • 16 practical techniques that build on previous MFR skills
  •  Effective soft tissue and myofascial techniques
  •  Valuable techniques for the spine and sacrum
  • Valuable techniques for the cranium and TMJ


  • An understanding of the relationship of the spine with the sacrum
  • Understanding of the relationship of the TMJ with the pelvis
  •  A variety of MFR technique styles offering treatment diversity
  •  Workshop manual provided
  •  Obtain a certificate for insurance
Who can attend?
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This course is for manual therapists who have previous MFR skills training and who are insured to practice MFR including:

  • Therapists who have attended practical in-person MFR workshops with MFR UK of at least 1-days duration 
  • Therapists who have completed MFR training with any other training provider of at least 1-days duration in the sustained approach to MFR (indirect) and are insured to offer MFR.
  • Additionally, all therapists must have at least a level 3 A&P and hold a nationally recognised manual therapy qualification, such as massage, at level 3 or above 

Online qualifications are not considered a suitable pre-requisiteThis course is not suitable for movement or beauty/spa therapists. MFR UK reserves the right to refuse course access to anyone who does not meet the above pre-requisites.


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