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Anne-Marie Reed in Tiverton. Advanced Myofascial Release

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Offers MFR intensive treatments over 2 days or more


Holds professional indemnity insurance


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TMJ issues, scar tissue managment and pelvic health including internal MFR therapy.

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Anne-Marie was very discrete and gentle.

I saw Anne-Marie for myofascial release during the latter stages of my second pregnancy. My first delivery had been an instrumental delivery under epidural due to prolonged stage 2 labour. I had a large baby with a very large head and she was an OP presentation.

I was very eager to avoid these complications for my second delivery, and was also looking for some relief from persistent mid thoracic pain that was unresponsive to chiropractic treatment, essentially due to hypermobility in segments around my scoliosis. My baby was also in the breech position and I needed abdominal and pelvic releases to help him to move into a more optimal position. In addition, I was having issues with pelvic stability due to a persistent right SI strain and had been reliant on a support belt since week 20 of pregnancy. Along with the abdominal and pelvic work Anne-marie worked largely on the perineal area to deal with scar tissue in the area and to better enable stretching. She was very discrete and gentle. She was also of great assistance for the pelvic and back pain issues I had been affected by during the pregnancy. My delivery of Bear went very easily with no intervention and the emergence of a very long, large headed healthy 9lb 9oz boy. I have referred several clients to Anne Marie for MFR for a variety of complex soft tissue and musculoskeletal issues and have full confidence in her high level of technical and theoretical understanding and ability. I would particularly rate her for work on women with complex post-partum pelvic pain issues.

F. Dann
/ Pelvic and back pain

I have recommended her to so many other people

Thanks goodness someone recommended Anne-Marie to me. 19 months off work, no NHS service could help. Couldn’t drive, couldn’t walk without a crutch, in constant pain….. 4 days after my first visit to see Anne-Marie, I walked 3 miles! That was May 2016, now early July, back to work and driving! Nothing can stop me now. She has given me my life back! I cannot tell you how grateful I am. I have recommended her to so many other people, she is amazing. My GP has now referred someone to her because he was astonished at my recovery. Huge, huge, huge thanks to you Anne-Marie and your team.

C. Carol
/ Back pain

Since receiving treatment, my improvements have been expediential.

Anne- Marie definitely has the healers touch. Combined with MF a patient / client is bound to gain advantages. My recovery from a partial stroke had plateaued. Since receiving treatment from Anne-Marie my improvements have been expediential. Sincerest thanks. 

K. Smith
/ Partial stroke

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