What's New for 2020

Pelvic Floor Workshops

If you’re interested in working with pelvic dysfunction and you are an intermediate or advanced MFR UK Student then you can join this course!

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Fascia 4 Sport Workshops

Linda Currie shares her experience and fascial approaches of working with elite and Olympic athletes. If you are a sports therapist, sports massage therapist, or physiotherapist working with teams, clubs, and elite athletes, then this workshop is for you.

More CPD Hours

Structural series are now 3 days worth of CPD.  2 Days Live Attendance PLUS 1 day online access to theory of myofascial release, fascia, research, and some clinical applications. 

Through the year, ALL courses will become 3 days…

MFR Directory

MFR regularly gets requests for therapists, but because of Data Protection Act, we are not able to share details of therapists unless they are on this directory!!  Enjoy 6 months Free listing and help us share MFR!

Steven Goldstein

Steve Goldstein returns once again, this time for his Neurofascial Workshop.  Check out the Calendar for More Details.

Private FB Group

If you are an MFR UK Student, Click Here to join the Private FB Group where you can ask questions, be supported in your learning, get access to extra goodies, and be apart of the MFR UK Community.