Need a refresh of that technique? Not sure where your hands should be placed on the client to get that technique right?

Then these videos are for you. Gain access to over an hours worth of information on each of the level 1, 2 and 3 with all techniques provided in detail to help you make a difference to your clients with the least effort on your body.

These vides are to supplement your learning experience and you can purchase access to them as long as you have attended the relevant workshop(s). The videos provide a full description of hand placements, client positioning and application of each technique.


You can get access provided:

You have attended the relevant workshop(s)
You continued training with MFR UK post 2010*
You pay the relevant fee

Video access pricing

Level 1 – unlimited access – £50
Level 2 – unlimited access – £50
Level 3 – unlimited access – £50

*If you attended level 1, 2 or 3 prior to 2010 and have not done any other training with MFR UK since then, you will not be granted access to these videos.

Please make sure you are eligible before you buy. Once you have purchased the videos, we will verify your eligibility before granting access.
Need to ask a question then email us on or call 0333 006 4555

Purchase video access

You need to be a student with MFR UK and a website member to access our video content. Email to register to to ask any further questions.

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