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Workshop NameVenueDates 2017 CostMore Info and Book
Fascial Dysfunction Glasgow30 September/ 1 October09/30/2017FULL
MyoPain2017 MFR UK is Presenting a WorkshopBangalore India4-8 October10/04/2017More Info
Structural Series Part 1Bristol26/27 October10/26/2017FULL
Structural Series Part 2Bristol28/29 October10/28/2017Last space £320More info & book
Structural Series Part 1London2/3 November11/02/2017FULL
SAVE £s. Structural Series Parts 1-3London2/3, 6/7 & 11/12 November11/02/2017FULL
SAVE £s. Structural Series Part 1, Myofascial Assessment & Integration & Part 2 London2-7 November 11/02/2017FULL
MFR for TMJLondon4 November11/04/2017FULL
Myofascial Assessment and IntegrationLondon4/5 November11/04/2017FULL
MFR for Scar Tissue and AdhesionsLondon5 November11/05/2017FULL
Structural Series Part 2London6/7 November11/06/2017FULL
Structural Series Part 3London11/12 November11/11/2017FULL
Myofascial UnwindingLondon11/12 November11/11/2017FULL
Advanced Upper BodyLondon13/14 November11/13/2017Available £320More Info and Book
SAVE £s. Advanced Upper Body, Myofascial Rehabilitation & Advanced Lower BodyLondon13/14 & 16-19 November11/13/2017Available £840More Info and Book
Myofascial RehabilitationLondon16/17 November11/16/2017Available £320More Info and Book
Advanced Lower BodyLondon18/19 November11/18/2017Available £320More Info and Book
BLACK FRIDAY EVENTOnline22/27 November11/22/201710% off MFR workshopsBook Online Between 22-27 November
TherapyExpo 10% off MFR UK WorkshopsNEC Birmingham22/23 November11/22/2017Book DirectCode SPK9 For Discount Entry
Structural Series Part 1Ljublijana Slovenia2/3 December12/02/2017Private event