If you are looking for fascial approaches to enhance your movement workshops, such as Pilates and Yoga, or your client’s rehabilitation and fitness training; then this workshop is for you.

For many years, we have been asked if movement, fitness and exercise professionals can attend our post graduate MFR workshops. Unfortunately, all practitioners must have hands on palpation skills and manual therapy experience to at least level 3 ITEC/BTEC/VTCT or equivalent in order to attend our diploma series.

However, Functional Fascial Approaches for Manual, Movement, Fitness and Exercise Professionals has been designed as a practical hands-on workshop to equip these professionals with easy and effective myofascial approaches in order to treat key areas of the body where the fascial network overlaps and converges and which are also rich in proprioceptors. In treating these key areas, clients can benefit from gaining a greater range of movement, increased dynamic freedom of movement and greater control over that movement.

These techniques can be performed in the studio or gym setting without the need for a treatment couch or massage table and can also be performed with the client wearing loose fitting clothing.

The myofascial approaches in this workshop are unique to this workshop and provide those students attending the opportunity to integrate them into their current programmes and classes or to use as an individual therapy session to improve and assist gym or mat work programmes.

This is a 2 day workshop. Pre-requisite – Qualified movement professions, such as Yoga and Pilates or similar. Qualified fitness coach, personal trainer or gym instructor. Manual therapists can also attend. All students must have anatomy and physiology training and must have professional indemnity insurance.

Cost – £295 with 6 weeks advance purchase otherwise £320


The participant will:

  • Learn the anatomy, physiology and neurology of fascia
  • Understand how system wide dysfunction can occur by tensegrity model application and fascial strain patterns
  • Learn skilled movement, compression and lengthening fascial approaches to enhance form and structure, specifically, hips, shoulder and pelvic area
  • Learn skilled neurofascial approaches to stimulate change within the fascial matrix to promote greater proprioception
  • the integration of fundamental fascial approaches into existing practices to further develop structural integrity and balance
  • Receive valuable treatment to enhance your own learning
  • Obtain a certificate of attendance for CPD purposes.

This workshop is not part of the Advanced Clinical Diploma in Integrated Myofascial Therapy.

Please note – this workshop is aimed at providing specific fundamental fascial approaches to be used with in the movement professional, fitness, coach, personal trainer or gym instructor’s scope of practice. This workshop does not act as a ‘bridge’ into a manual therapy qualification, nor does it provide the attendee/student with scope to treat any conditions, pathologies, aches and pains which are out with their existing insurance and scope of practice.

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